Dopo di noi - “after us” project

Objective of the measure

To achieve the best level of autonomy possible for severely disabled people without family support, in order to help improve their daily lives, and, where possible, to facilitate their leaving the family home.

To build support pathways for de-institutionalization.

To promote attendance of semi-residential and day healthcare and social services.

To support the disabled individuals and their families in case of any unforeseen emergencies relating to caregivers.



Individuals with severe disabilities, as ascertained pursuant to Law 104/1992, without family support, aged 18-64, residing in the Lombardy Region.

Type and characteristics of the measure

The measure is aimed at funding:

1) Support pathways for leaving the family home of origin, or for de-institutionalization, seeking solutions and housing conditions as similar as possible to the family environment (e.g. apartment or social housing collectives);

2) Skills development programmes for managing autonomous life and achieving the highest level of autonomy possible;

3) Interventions at home aimed at contributing to the expense of a personal, educational assistant;

4) Interventions consisting of a temporary stay in an extra-family housing solution in an emergency situation (e.g. hospitalization or death of the family caregiver)

5) Interventions for the realization of innovative housing solutions through the payment of the costs of purchase, lease, renovation and/or installation of systems and equipment necessary for the functioning of the home, as well as for support through forms of mutual aid among people with disabilities.



How to use the assistance

Individuals with severe disabilities may access the After Us measure only after multidisciplinary assessment of the specialist services and verification of the requirements of the municipal social services.

Subsequently, an Individual Plan is drawn up for the emancipation of the person with adult disabilities from the family of origin or from the living conditions in residential services.     


Information and contact

For further information on the measure, consult the Regione Lombardia website - Lombardia Facile,  send a mail to, or contact your municipality of residence.

Ultimo aggiornamento: 13/02/2023