Integrated Home Care

Objective of the measure

Improving the quality of life by limiting the functional decline of the person. Supporting the family in the care work. Reducing inappropriate hospital admissions and use of emergency/urgency services. Avoiding permanent admission to senior centres, wherever possible.



People who, living at home, are in a state of non-self-sufficiency/fragility/Covid positive or suspected.

The following conditions must also be met in order to access the service:

  • health and social care needs that can be managed at home;
  • partial or total self-sufficiency of a temporary or permanent nature;
  • not being able to walk and not being able to be transported by ordinary means to the local outpatient services;
  • presence of a formal and/or informal family support network;
  • living conditions that guarantee the practicability of care.


Type and characteristics of the contribution

Home care interventions with zero cost for the citizen.The ADI service is provided by Service Providers accredited by the Lombardy Region, a list of which can be found on the ATS Brescia website under "Services - Integrated Home Care".


Methods of access

To benefit from ADI services, you must go to the local ASST offices in your area with a certificate from your general practitioner or family paediatrician certifying the above conditions. Then the chosen managing body must be contacted to start the service.


Information and contacts

For information about the service, you can ask your general practitioner or contact the relevant Territorial Service directly.


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