Trial of interventions & services for families “Family centres“

Objective of the measure

The trial of interventions aimed at supporting and enhancing resources for families at all stages of their development. To offer a point of contact for families, a place where various institutional and non-institutional actors can collaborate to develop initiatives aimed at promoting the well-being and development of the family.


Families and all their members.

Type and characteristics of the interventions

The envisaged actions are the following:

information and guidance with the aim of ensuring families have easy and immediate access to all the important information concerning the opportunities that the local area offers.

assistance in strengthening parenting skills, supporting actions, integrated with other services, aimed at strengthening and enhancing the resources of individuals and families in carrying out the task of parenting and in dealing with situations of transition.

initiatives of listening, engagement and interaction with families, also through the leverage of community resources, with the aim of promoting a culture of participation and solidarity among families, also in connection with already existing networks.

How to use the assistance 

Free access at the indicated local area offices, or participation in the proposed initiatives upon registration.

Information and contact

For further information, please visit the website of ATS di Brescia

Ultimo aggiornamento: 09/02/2023