Palliative care

Objective of the measure

Offering a comprehensive and personalised set of patient care to control pain and other symptoms.

Offering adequate responses to the different needs of the incurable patient and his family.



Patients whose underlying disease, defined as incurable, advanced and symptomatic, no longer responds to specific treatments.


Type and characteristics of the contribution

Palliative care is a comprehensive and personalised model of care which, together with the control of pain and other symptoms, offers adequate responses to the different needs of the incurable patient and his or her family. Palliative care is provided by dedicated teams, consisting of doctors and nurses with expertise in Palliative Care, Healthcare Operators, but also psychologists, physiotherapists, spiritual assistants, volunteers and others, as needed. When patients are taken into care, they are also provided with medicines, aids and everything necessary for home care as stipulated and specified in regional regulations. They are provided at home, in Supporting Healthcare Facilities, hospice and hospital depending on the needs and choice of the patient.


These interventions are fully paid for by the National Health Service.


Methods of access

There are two ways to access the Service:

  • the first one is the notification of the doctor/healthcare professional who is in charge of the patient (attending physician, hospital doctor, specialist doctor) to the Local Palliative Care Network by filling in the form "Notification for referral to Palliative Care", which can be downloaded from the ATS Insubria website under "Services - Palliative Care";
  • the second one is the notification by the user, the family member/caregiver or the municipal social services through the following 5 steps:
  1. go to the ATS Insubria website under "Services - Palliative Care" and choose the Service Provider from the list;
  2. download and fill in the form "Notification for referral to Palliative Care";
  3. read the form entitled "Information on data processing" published on the Provider's website;
  4. download and complete the "Consent to data processing" form attached to the information;
  5. deliver the complete forms to the chosen Provider in the manner prescribed by the same;
  6. the selected Provider carries out the verification of eligibility criteria and the multidimensional needs assessment on the basis of validated and shared tools.


Information and contacts

For information, you can access the link