Objective of the measure

The measure is an economic contribution reserved for individuals in conditions of severe disability or lack of self-sufficiency, and takes the form of support interventions to ensure that the individuals can stay in their own homes and context of life.


Elderly people who are not self-sufficient and/or severely disabled, resident in Lombardy, and in possession of all of the following requirements:

Of any age, at home, with demonstrable serious limitations of functional capacity that significantly compromise self-sufficiency and personal autonomy in daily activities, relations and social life;

Under conditions of severity as ascertained by Article 3, Paragraph 3, of Law 104/1992, or beneficiaries of the care allowance referred to in Law No. 18/1980, as amended and supplemented by Law 508/1988;

The following “Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator” (ISEE) maximum reference values: health and social care up to a maximum of €25,000.00, and ordinary ISEE, in the case of minors, up to a maximum of €40,000.00.

Type and characteristics of the assistance

The Measure envisages a Social Voucher to be issued by the municipality of residence or Plan Office, as follows:

A monthly Social Voucher up to a maximum amount of €400.00, aimed at compensating care services provided by the family caregiver.

In the case of regularly employed carers, the above voucher can be supplemented by:

A monthly Social Voucher up to a maximum amount of €400.00.

In the absence of a family caregiver:

A monthly Social Voucher up to a maximum amount of €800.00 aimed at providing support via the reimbursement of the expenses of regularly employed carers.

Social Vouchers aimed at enhancing the social life of minors with disabilities via specific educational and socialization projects that favour their psychophysical well-being.


Monthly Social Bonus to support “independent life” projects, with the aid of a personal assistant up to a maximum of €800.00.

The measure is provided by the local territorial offices, after assessment and preparation of an Individual Plan. For social and health needs, the assessment is carried out by the territorial offices in conjunction with the competent Territorial Social and Health Authority (ASST).

How to use the assistance

Citizens eligible for Measure B2 should contact their municipality of residence or Plan Office during the period in which the measure is valid.



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