Contribution for orphans of femicide or domestic crime

Objective of the measure

The aim is to support, through the granting of a one-off economic contribution, orphans of femicide or domestic crimes, that is, the minors or legal aged children of the victim.


Minors and/or legal aged children of victims of femicide or domestic crime occurring after 1/1/2010.

The application can be submitted by:

  • The beneficiary, if of legal age;
  • The appointed guardian or custodian of the minor, identified by a custody decree - even if temporary - on the basis of a provision of the Tutelary Judge or Juvenile Court, provided that there is a family link with the minor;
  • The parent of the minor only if he or she is not the perpetrator, suspect or person accused of the crime.

Type and characteristics of the assistance

A one-off contribution of €5,000.00, within the limits of available allocated financial resources, for the minor or legal aged children of the victim of femicide committed:

  • By the spouse
  • Or by the other party of the civil partnership
  • Or by a person who has been in an emotional and stable relationship with the victim

How to use the assistance

The application form must be submitted exclusively online on the “Bandi Online” platform at

Information and contact

Health Protection Agency ATS of Brescia - Department for the Planning of the Integration of Health Services with Social Services (PIPSS) Tel. from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm Email:

Directorate General for Family, Parenting and Equal Opportunity Policies - Organizational Unit for Families and Equal Opportunities Monica Fusto 02.6765.3664 lunedì – giovedì dalle ore 9.00 alle ore 12.00 e dalle ore 14.30 alle ore 16.00; venerdì 9.00-12.00 


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