Objective of the measure

The measure consists of a monthly voucher with a fixed value of €600.00, which, however, can be supplemented, in certain conditions and welfare situations, with additional monthly vouchers with variable values.


Individuals at home with very severe disabilities residing in the Lombardy Region.

Type and characteristics of the assistance

The economic contribution is aimed at supporting the care provided directly by family members to the disabled person in their own home and daily lives. The Measure B1 monthly vouchers are provided to the territorial social and health services (ASST) of residence of the assisted person, following multidimensional assessment and the drafting of an Individual Plan, and may be used for social and health assistance services offered by accredited social health and social services providers.

The following vouchers are envisaged:

  • Voucher for adults up to a maximum of €460.00 per month;
  • Vouchers for minors up to a maximum of €600.00 per month;
  • High profile vouchers for people with particularly intensive needs dependent on assistive technology up to a maximum of €1,650.00 per month.

In case of any transfer of the residence of the person with the disability to another region, the disbursement of the contribution will be interrupted.

How to use the assistance

Applications for the benefit must be presented at the offices of the territorial teams of the Territorial Social and Health Authorities (ASST) of residence, within the time limits established annually by the Lombardy Region.
ASST Spedali Civili   ASST Franciacorta   ASST del Garda

Information and contact

Information on the criteria and methods of access to Measure B1 can be requested from:

See page: ATSBrescia     RegioneLombardia